Comics Alliance has come up with a great idea to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Marvel vs. DC crossover by commissioning an insanely action packed battle between Marvel and DC characters, with a few Amalgam characters thrown in for good measure. Ulises Farinas created this mind blowing mural that’s packed with hidden characters and items to find “Where’s Waldo” style.

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to find the Invisible Woman, cleverly hidden somewhere in the mural by Ulises Farinas. No Joke, she’s in there somewhere. To enjoy the full effect of this piece of art I recommend you click through the jump to the high-res version to appreciate the level of detail involved, find all of the lost items on the checklist, and just bask in the pieces artistic glory.

Don’t ruin it for anyone else by commenting on where Invisible Woman is in the comments section, but do stop by and tell us how you did. Did you find it all? What was the hardest or the most cleverly hidden? How long did it take you?
Checklist of items to find:

4 Cupcakes
7 Twinkies
2 Sno Balls
1 Chocolate Zinger
1 Yodel
1 Metrocard
Captain America’s Classic Shield
A Daily Bugle Newspaper
All 6 Infinity Gems
All 8 Green Lantern Rings
Joker’s Bang-Gun
1 Daily Planet Newspaper
5 A.I.M. Agents
4 Gotham City Police Officers
The Spidermobile
The Batmobile
The Avengers Quinjet
The Fantastic Four Fantasticar
The X-Men’s Blackbird
The Titanic
Wolverine’s Weapon-X Helmet
Batman’s Robot T-Rex
A Piece of Cheese
The Cosmic Cube
Peter Parker’s Camera
3 Comics Longboxes
The Bottle City of Kandor
1 Piece of Kryptonite
Beta Ray Bill’s Hammer
The Hall of Doom
The Ultimate Nullifier
Skrull Electra
Skrull Capt America
Skrull Spiderman
Skrull Cyclops

Comic Book Covers:

-Amazing Spiderman #50
-Avengers #4
-Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
-Fantastic Four #1

Drunk Tony Stark & 4 suits of Iron Man Armor:

-Silver Centurion
-Original Steel Grey
-Classic Horned Red & Yellow
-Classic Red & Yellow

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