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With the new Pokemon: Black and White coming out only a few days ago (March 6th) there was only a matter of time before this happened. Ever since 93′ people have been taking the theme to the fighting monster game and making their own versions of the classic song. However, the grammy nominated Presidents of The United States are setting the next level. In between all their recording sessions, groupies, and restraining orders on fans, they took the time to make a song about the now 646 pokemon, that’s a lot of balls (pokeballs). If you haven’t heard of the “PUSA” (not that cool thing ladies have) since 1993 then you’ve been missing out. Taking a love of Nintendo‘s hottest seller since Mario and the guys that made ‘peaches’ are a match made in nerd heaven.

Gotta catch em’ all (with ROCK).

The president’s might not of learned ‘cut’ yet but they don’t need it to get through the “bushes”.

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