The land of comic books, what a magical place it can be with all it’s heroes and villains mulling about. When a hero goes to work they are awesome and tougher than Nick Fury‘s backhand (Jackson has to keep his pimp hand strong) but when the good guys need help they work together. Nerdbastards follows the same principle but in a slightly different way when it comes to opening the flood gates on hero news. Hollywood might be the land of sex (sweet), drugs (meh), and rock and roll but it’s also become the land of geeks, nerds, video games. So let’s take a gander at what Hollywood has be up too with the pages and panels of the comic book world.

More news about the Skrull and Kree in The Avengers movie; The Amazing Spider-man reboot has a new super power with 3D technology; Stan Lee admits something about Fantastic Four‘s The Thing and it’s not his rose garden; and The Punisher may be Ray Stevenson one more time (boom! headshot!).

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First on the docket for the comic agenda is Joss “Firefly is dead” Whedon and more news on the possbile involvment of the Skrulls and the Kree. People have been guessing just who will be the main badass when the Avengers is released December 23rd, 2012, with Thor’s brother Loki also in the running. Various sites have claimed that these villians will in fact be in the movie but if what’s being said is true then a Skrull/Kree beatdown is going to be the main meat of the Avengers bones.

A superhero team called “The Avengers” do battle against two separate alien extraterrestrial humanoid life forms. The Avengers are a superhero team, consisting of a group of Marvel Comics heroes aka “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”. The aliens that The Avengers will fight are called “The Kree” and “Skrulls”. These two extraterrestrial races become embroiled in a war for ages that ultimately makes its way to Earth, and the Avengers unite to intervene with all their power and might combined.


The Amazing Spider-Man has more a secret weapon in it’s back pocket and it’s not Julie Taymor. Marc Webb’s web-slinging action flick is going to be using the newest in 3D technology, not the James Cameron 3D camera systems. The Hollywood Reporter

“The Amazing Spider-Man is the first movie to be lensed in 3D using 3ality Digital’s TS-5 wireless and handheld beamsplitter mirror rig. The new rigs are small and lightweight and combined with wireless capabilities in order to give the cameras a lot of flexibility and mobility.”

This must mean there is going to be way more spider webs and spandex on-screen if their bringing out the big guns. Director of photography John Schwartzman explained why the TS-5 is the way of the web

“We tested virtually every product on the market and chose 3ality Digital because we were impressed by the compact size of the TS-5. You don’t get the unwanted shadowing effects during shots that sometimes appear using other 3D rigs, and the lens changes only take a few minutes. We wanted a rig that would not only deliver the best quality and performance but also one that wouldn’t delay the production, so we have all the benefits of a 3D Picture and we’re shooting to a 2D schedule.


Stan Lee, the godfather of the comic book world has come out today about the Thing and his “thing”. Remember the Kevin Smith movie ‘Mallrats’ where character Brody asked Stan Lee “The Thing! Is his dork made out of orange rock like the rest of his body?”  Stan never answered the question on celluloid but he’s finally giving the world an answer to one of life’s great mysteries for Vanity Fair:

“I never gave it a thought. I guess common sense would say it was made of orange rock too, but I always thought it was more interesting to think about Reed Richards. As you know, he had the ability to stretch, and sexually, that would seem to be a great asset in many areas.”

Now that’s it’s finally been answered it’s on to the tougher question: After a night with Ben Grimm is it a limp or crutches the next morning?

Ray Stevenson

Our final tibit in the round up is one Marvel’s one man wrecking machine that isn’t afraid to use his fists. No, it’s not another Charlie Sheen team up but the skull logoed Punisher and actor Ray Stevenson. After the bust that was Punisher: War zone Marvel re-acquired the rights to the franchise to the vigilante superhero from Lionsgate, meaning the future looks bloody if Marvel chooses to go ahead with a future Punisher movie. Stevenson, who plays Volstagg, one of The Warriors Three, in the upcoming film Thor was in talks with Marvel about putting Frank Castle on screen one more time. He did admit “It’s way out of my hands.” but if he was asked to crack some skulls again he replied “If it’s on my path to do him again, I’ll definitely do my best.”

Here’s an interview he had about the Punisher, Thor, his upcoming project with Cinema Blend:

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