Team Fortress 2 Meets The Dark Knight

Team Fortress 2-The Dark Knight

Another day, another mash-up video.

However, unlike other mash-up’s, this one actually does it extremely well! Surprised?

This particular mash-up (done by YouTube user ) takes the original trailer for The Dark Knight, and combined it with CGI renderings of characters for Valve‘s Team Fortress 2 videogame inserted over the human cast. The greatest thing about this mash-up, entitled The Demo Knight, is that the characters looks the part and that they lip-synced the dialogue. This are the same people that created the mash-up of the movie, Law-Abiding Citizen with The Law Abiding Engineer.

You should definitely take a look at this trailer, at least for the reveal of how they did Two Face‘s two faces and their use of the spy character as the Joker.

Both videos are very well done and can be seen below the jump!

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