Conan Teaser Video – Damn Dirty Barbarians

All we’ve seen of the Conan production so far is photos, that makes even this little snippet of a trailer something to celebrate for Conan fans. Jason Momoa looks pretty good swinging that sword around. I figured he would have the fighting stuff down from his past role on Stargate Atlantis.

But this teaser is just that, and although we get a few sword swinging images, and a line or two of dialogue, this is still just a damn, dirty, barbarian tease. The general Conan movie theme is below.

“I Live, I Love, I Slay, and I am Content.”

Really? That’s what they have Conan saying.  I guess we could take that as the films “What is best in life?” question from the original movie. The answer is pretty classic Nerd fodder, “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

When I heard that teaser line, “I Live, I Love, I Slay, and I am Content.” My first response was, “Not always in that order though,” Conan is a barbarian after all.

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