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Wow does news travel fast!  Just the other day I shared with you guys the full plot synopsis for the upcoming JJ Abrams flick Super 8.  The film produced by Steven Spielberg has been receiving buzz for a while now and with the recent release of the plot now comes the full length trailer!  And I gotta say holy shit does it look fantastic!

I know that I mentioned my theory that the secrecy of the film’s plot was part of the magic and what was so intriguing about the film, well… right now I’m pulling that theory off the shelf!  Now that we have the whole scoop I want to know more!  The full length trailer is action packed and finally reveals that the film will mainly revolve around the group of kids from this small town who in the late 70’s spend their time making a movie on a Super 8 camera.  The film is reminscient of one of those buddy films from the 80’s like Stand By Me or The Goonies,where “rag-tag” group of friends have to band together to solve a problem.  Well now that you guys know that I think this looks GREAT, what are your thoughts??

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