There’s a lot of nerd art on the net. Mostly it’s fan-fiction tentacle Pr0n, but occasionally you’ll come across a few gems of awesome artistry that isn’t intended for fapping purposes. Usually what gets the most attention is when classic characters are brought to life in ways never really seen before (cartoon pr0n aside of course). This week I came across 3 distinct pieces that’ll make you scream “MOAR”!

Case in point, the other day we got a glimpse of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series for Nickelodeon. Reaction was met with a collective “Meh”. What made it even less satisfactory was when executive producer Ciro Nieli said that “The four turtle protagonists, who previously could only be distinguished by the color of their masks, will each have ‘more individual attributes.'” I dunno about you, but I didn’t see a goddamn differance! However, I ran across some turtle designs (above) created by deviant art user 3nrique that do give our heroes in a half shelf individual attributes! Making them exaggeratedly distinct is fun and enjoyable. I always found it annoying that they were basically quadruplets. Nickelodeon should take a cue from 3nrique.

Now, moving on.

MORE AFTER THE JUMP (Disney Vs. Capcom and Star Wars WWII Insignias)

I’m already sick of Marvel Vs. Capcom. Give me something new. Something to drop my jaw. Something to rub my nipples to. Something like Disney Vs. Capcom. An all out war between Disney and Capcom’s finest is something that we would never expect. It’s like the number one thing you never knew you wanted. OMG, who on the Disney side would you use? Well, blabberin blatherskite my vote goes to Gizmo Duck.

It’s an all out war between Disney and Capcom characters in Chris Clancy’s newest piece of ass kicking artwork. DISNEY vs CAPCOM by Chris Clancy (deviantART) (Facebook)

DISNEY vs CAPCOM by Chris Clancy (deviantART) (Facebook)

Lastly. Star Wars fans are always trying to find new ways to show their love for the sci-fi opera that defined their existence. Why not some WWII inspired Insignia’s? Dave Mott designed these awesome insignias for the Galactic Empire Troops.

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