Entertainment Weekly scored an exclusive clip of Nickelodeon‘s recently greenlit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, only days after the first images were released. The extremely brief snippet of animation introduces the four turtle ninjas, but being an EW exclusive the video in un-embeddable. Bummer. Watch it here then come back  to discuss!

Exciting, right? Brief? Yes. It’s a TMNT quickie for sure. But if this is a preview of the animation style I like it. /Film reported earlier this week,

The Wall Street Journal quotes executive producer Ciro Nieli as saying that the newly revamped turtles will have “more individual attributes” than they did before.

I’m still not seeing it. Our first look at the Turtles in the image released previously was also sparse with the distinctiveness. This video doesn’t help, they still appear as similar anthropomorphic turtles with different colored bandanas and sweet ninja weapons. Which is fine, it’s how I like my ninja turtles. But don’t go promising exciting revamped designs and then not deliver.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be premiering on Nickelodeon around the end of the year with 26 half hour episodes. This will be the first new TMNT series since the last one went off the air in 2009 and we’ve been without ass-kicking turtles for far too long.

source: Entertainment Weekly via /Film

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