I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, have been from the start. It’s my go-to-comic when trying to get friends hooked on the joys of comics. So when the AMC television show was announced, I was all Nerdbastard giggly with delight and anticipation.

Like many of the comics hardcore fans I was on the fence about keeping tight with the comic story lines. I loved those stories, but also wanted something more. As each divergence from the original popped up, I was feeling good about the shows direction, and about 98% happy with the changes made. I just wanted a good show.

Now we all have the fun of looking forward to the second season of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman (Creator) talked with Entertainment Weekly about the second season:

“We are in the writers’ room right now and trying to sketch out a season two plan,” he explained when quizzed about recent rumors that fan favorites such as Tyrese and Michonne would appear in the second season. “Anyone who knows how that process works knows that stuff changes day by day. We are in the massive brainstorming phase. We are talking it all out.”

Kirkman did throw out that the writing team are excited about the idea of bringing episode one characters Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and his son Duane (Adrian Kali Turner) “both back as soon as possible. We’re just dying to get [Lennie] back in the show. He’s such a great actor.”

The last big piece of news Kirkman confirmed about the plans for the second season is that the Governor will NOT feature in the next season, but it’s almost definite we’ll get to see him in the third: “There’s zero percent chance in the second season. In the third season it’s 92 percent.” So we’ll probably get some time on Hershel’s farm, and then lead to the prison and finish the season with the introduction or hints about the Governor.

For those of you not familiar with the Governor I’ll just urge you to go and pick up or borrow the trade paperbacks of The Walking Dead and do some homework. You won’t be disappointed.

What are your thoughts about how the show has veered from the source material, good or bad?


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