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I mean is there anything more sexy than Batman?  There is nothing that gets me more hot and bothered than the site of that suit with the pointy bat ears and that wonderfully raspy voice.  I mean if Batman came up to me and was like “Hey Baby” (insert Christian Bale voice) I would just melt.  So it’s clear why there is the Eden in Kaohsiung City; which is a hotel in Taiwan where you pay 50 dollars to get down and dirty in a batman themed room (if this isn’t every nerds fantasy!).  The room looks like it’s composed of cheap set pieces from the George Clooney Batman and Robin movie.

Those of you out there wondering if you really your money’s worth let me tell you some of the perks you receive at the Eden!  You get some sexy lingerie and well as lubricant if you visit around the holidays (talk about a deal!).  So if your partner is worthy of this superhero type treatment then book your trip now, just be sure to bring your black light!

batman hotel 1

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Source: Geekologie, geekosystem

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