FOX Pushes Back ‘Terra Nova’ to the Fall

Take a small group of civilians, scientists and soldiers, send them into the prehistoric times with hopes of saving the human race from their planet’s dying present and you get ‘Terra Nova‘. The Series, produced by Steven Spielberg, is pretty much a TV version of ‘Jurassic Park’ minus Jeff Goldblum. Bringing time-travel, science and dinosaurs together for an hour each episode is like mixing mentos and coke; awesome while it lasts. Centering the series on a family part of the journey to restart the human population is going to be some worthwhile television, something everyone was going to be able to watch in May. Well, hate to piss in the primordial soup and call it lemonade, but it looks like you’ll be waiting a few extra months before you get another “Dinosaur eating a person hiding in an outhouse” moment.

Welcome to Terra Nova ($14.95 for children)

Starring Jason O’Mara, Stephen Lang and Shelley Conn; focusing on the Shannon family as they join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway. Traveling 85 million years to prehistoric Earth only to learn everything isn’t as ‘Adam & Eve’ as they would like. Doesn’t that sound like a family outing: a campfire, smores, young Billy getting torn apart during story-time. It just screams ‘must see TV’ but sadly the sneak peek that Fox promised for May 23 and 24 is going to be head back a bit. As in your going to have to wait for the two-hour premier in the fall with the rest of the series. Ain’t that about a bitch.

Here’s a sample of Fox’s press release:

Friday, March 11, 2011


The new epic family adventure series TERRA NOVA will now launch with its series premiere in fall 2011 on FOX, it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company.

“TERRA NOVA is one of the most ambitious television series ever produced,” said Reilly. “The cutting-edge visual effects used to create the world of TERRA NOVA, which is of massive scope and scale, require more time to be realized. This aspect of the series is essential, so we are pushing back the special early preview date to give the visual effects team the time needed for their ground-breaking work.”

“The world of TERRA NOVA is visually stunning on multiple levels, and effects play an enormous part,” said executive producer René Echevarria. “Premiering in the fall will give us the proper time to create a world never before seen on television.”

When each episode costs $4 million your paying for a bit more then streamers and glitter. Having a 7-foot, full-scale animatronic dino at least shows that practical effects are making a come back along with being filmed in exotic locations. Australia must be proud to be filming something that has the creator of ‘ET’ attached to it. Sadly, when you start making a promise to show the first two hours before it even ready you need to do more then say “Our bad, sorry”.

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