TRON 3 Teaser: Flynn Lives Baby!


With TRON: Legacy coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray soon, it was only a matter of time before the long-rumored TRON 3 (aka TR3N) teasers would be found online.

Now, I didn’t hate Legacy. Could it have been better? Sure, but that goes for many movies out there.

I liked it for what it was, a visual treat with lightcycles and Olivia Wilde. So, more of any of those three works for me!

Caution, for anyone who has not seen TRON: Legacy, there are spoilers below.

YouTube user antovolk posted the first of the two rumored scenes.

The first, which clocks in at around 10 minutes and can be found below, is entitled “The Next Day”, and explains the origins of the Flynn Lives campaign, who was in charge of it, and what happens after Sam took over ENCOM at the end of TRON: Legacy! It features a scene with Dan Shor as Ram and Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley.

The second TRON 3 teaser is reportedly a hidden Easter Egg in the DVD/Blu-Ray featuring Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Cillian Murphy as Ed Dillinger Jr.

While not full of spoilers for TR3N, it is nice to know that they already have done some work on the movie (considering how Legacy ended).

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