127 Hours Parody: Wile E. Coyote Style


127 Hours, not the movie I thought anyone would parody. I mean it’s no Schindler’s List, but who wants to make fun of a guy that ends up having to cut off his arm to live? Well thankfully, braver bastards than I have been taking plenty of shots at parodying this movie. The most creative yet has come from Robbie Yulfo at Infinity Ball Productions.

What person in America has not seen the Road Runner cartoons and wondered why Wile E. hasn’t been caught under some falling rock at some point or another and not been able to get out. You mess around with that many rockets everyday and it’s bound to happen. So take a look at Robbie’s work and then click through the jump to see some of the other 127 Hours Parodies floating in that great electric cloud we call the Internet. (Don’t skip the video end, there’s a great little tease about a possible new parody in the works.)


So that’s what it would look like if Plastic man had a 127 Hour episode. Artist Franceso Francavilla had the artistic and creative balls and vision to show us that the movie would be hilarious, and end much more happily.

Dr. Coolsex decided that 127 Hours was just too long and created 127 Seconds. I would sue, but I was only stuck in my vending machine for about a minute and a half.

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