Amazing Star Wars LEGO Pictures

X-Wing Dawn Patrol by Avanaut

Do you know the old idiom that a picture is worth a thousand words?

I dare you to take a look at these photo’s from Avanaut‘s photostream on Flickr and not simply be amazed.

By using only LEGO Star Wars characters and a bit of ingenuity, he has created some amazing photo’s that really need to be seen to be believed.

Check out below to jump to see a sampling of some of his pictures, and then on his site for more!

X-Wing Dawn Patrol


The trusty X-Wing fighters were excellent machines, good enough to withstand the freezing Hoth nights. They were frequently used for early morning orbital scout patrols during the rebel occupation on Hoth.

Two X-Wing fighters? Yup, we have two of those, although I never bought more than one. A couple of years ago we needed to have an X-Wing, the set was temporarily unavailable, so, I bought one online from a seller in New York. The box arrived quickly and we had a blast building the fighter. Two weeks later I got mail from the customs saying that there was a shipment for me. To my surprise there was another X-Wing from the same guy I bought the first one. It turned out the seller had mistakenly shipped me the same item twice, and due to the shipment and customs fees he deemed it wasn’t worth shipping back. I got to keep the extra set for the cost of shipping fees only, which was about $20. The best part of this was the fact that now, instead of having two similar fighters, we had both Luke’s and Wedge’s. How cool is that?

I wanted to have both fighters in the same photo. It proved to be really difficult to achieve and I had to make some compromises. The outdoors snow field illusion is not perfect in this one, but the fighters are gorgeous nevertheless.

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Only one snowtrooper was known to have lost in the frozen wilderness during the attack on Hoth. He was lost for a long, long time. He survived the freezing nights on the open fields with the help of his excellent gear and training. He lived in a cosy snowhut for months before he was found.

During that period he passed time building snow lanterns and learning some Bocce. He also made friends with a young rogue Wampa. They had a wonderful time playing fetch with the bones left from assorted shared meals.

I began wondering what had happened to the one snowtrooper that was lost in our house. I found it yesterday – right after I took this photo! It would’ve been just perfect that it had been the one in this capture.

I’m not the first to use the Ninjago bone, but I just had to do it.

I wasn’t going to upload a photo for a little while, because I am a bit busy right now, but what happened around my photostream in the last couple of days (thank you again for all the wonderful feedback!) just got me slightly off track (in a good way) and I felt had to focus on something. This is what I focused on. 😀

Bossk Has To Go


Boba Fett and his agile crew arrived on Hoth way before the imperial attack fleet did. They were really close to catching Han Solo, they even knew where he was camped with comatosed Luke Skywalker. But before they could make their move there was one thing that had to be done. Bossk had to relieve himself. We all know there are no toilets in most of the spaceships, so Bossk had to step outside the Slave I.

Big mistake!

Bossk is a Trandoshan, a reptile, an ectothermic creature. It took Fett and his crew eight hours to thaw him enough to snap him out of the immediate hibernation triggered by the freezing Hoth blizzard. By that time the imperial attack was at full speed. They had to abort and start their hunt for Solo again later.

There are not that many Lego spaceships in my photostream, I find them extremely hard to photograph. I have tackled the Slave I several times, on sand, on grass, against the sky, in darkness and on white. I haven’t been able to capture it well in any of those occasions. I thought I’d give it one more go on snow before it disintegrates in the fun and play of the kid & his friends. May she rest in pieces when the time comes.



There were explosions during the purge of the rebel base (no thermal detonators, though). Lucky thing was that the abundance of snow, together with snowtroopers’ armor, dampened the explosions enough to make them practically harmless. Big show, minimum damage.

I wanted to use all our snowtroopers for one shot. I could use only six, because one of them is missing, couldn’t find it anywhere. Chicken…

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