Bullied Kid Decides Enough is Enough – Gives Him a Zangief Powerbomb


The story is that:

The larger kid on the right, is my son’s friend Casey – thankfully they don’t go to the same school. Poor Casey has been bullied his whole high school life, and this is what happens when he snaps!! But guess who was suspended in this scenario – Casey!!

There’s talk of a protest against Casey’s suspension. Bullying sucks, with many school’s no tolerance polices many kids that just stand up for themselves also suffer the punishment from the school once something like this happens. There is no word if Casey had complained about the bullying to any school official or teacher. In my opinion, once the other kid popped him one, Casey had the right to defend himself. Haven’t heard anything about the severity of the other kids injuries, most likely just the typical kid fight bruises.

Now everyone knows that once these videos hit the Internet that there will be parodies and auto tunes and other mash ups. Here’s Casey pulling out that six pack of Whoop-ass set to Street Fighter sound effects and visuals.

What are your thoughts on this? I don’t really want kids fighting, but a kid should be able to defend himself.

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