Daredevil Movie Gets New Director & New Life


20th Century Fox has brought in David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) to get Daredevil back to the big screen before the rights revert to Marvel / Disney. Word is that this is NOT a reboot, but a continuation of the story without Ben Affleck in the title role; Hulk movies anyone? I do have to say right up front that if Slade brings the Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night directing style to this Daredevil movie, then we’ll all be feeling what it is, to be the “Man Without Fear.”

The studio has yet to hire a writer and I’d like to throw Ed Brubaker‘s hat into the ring. Somebody needs to get this guy working on movies. Brubaker has the Daredevil credentials needed to really bring the hard core comic book fans back for more.

No word on Elektra making an appearance. I’m thinking the best thing is to leave her resting in her grave and bring out the big gun for Daredevil fans . . . Black Widow! Hot off her debut in Iron Man 2 and possible sighting in The Avengers, Black Widow would be a great choice for the strong female to stand with Daredevil against the forces of evil . . . or the forces of the HAND! Think about it, international criminal/terrorist organisation comes to Hells Kitchen, and Daredevil and Black Widow take out the trash. Lots of fighting and action, maybe a little steamy love interest, now that’s a story any Daredevil fan can get behind and one that regular folk can readily accept and get into.


What do you think? I haven’t thought about an actor for Daredevil, any thoughts on that?

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