Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC (and sometimes the MAC). We also cover downloadable titles as well.

We got quite the releases this week for you to check out for almost all the gaming platforms (sorry Wii, looks like you’ll be collecting some more dust). This week we see a release of Homefront, a FPS that has an interesting story about the state of America. SEGA is releasing with Yakuza 4 (hot damn!) with only a few things that were taken out this for it’s western release. DS users gets to control a cute Chibiterasu in Ōkamiden. PSP sees some love with Gods Eater Burst, a game that’s gotten quite popular over in Japan with its Monster Hunter-esque gameplay.

We also got a few more games for you to check out as well some downloadable game, such as what game is Microsoft ending the Xbox Live Arcade House Party with and what downloadable goodies PSN users will be able to get their digital hands on, such as a lovely classic that features the hot Aya Brea.

So what are y’all waiting for? Check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!


Homefront is a first-person shooter that challenges players to survive and impact a fictional future scenario in which America has been economically devastated and occupied by a foreign power. In the face of overwhelming oppression, you must choose whether to submit to military forces, take the fight to the enemy or even throw your lot in with the invaders. Additional features include: a single player campaign written by Hollywood screenwriter John Milius, online multiplayer support for up to 32 players, ground and vehicular combat, and more.

While the game may have the most redefined shooting mechanics, it does try something that most shooters don’t and that’s having an interesting storyline. Sure, its no Halo or Killzone but if you’ve been having an itch for a shooter that’s trying something different, then check the game out.

Available: 360, PC, PS3

Yakuza 4

Yakuza 4 is single player, third-person, Action-Adventure game exclusively for play on PlayStation 3. The fourth localized US release in the gritty Japanese Yakuza series, the game challenges players to rise or fall in a fictional representation of the Japanese criminal underworld. The game features mission based gameplay, street fighting combat, light RPG attributes and mini-games. Additional features include: four playable characters, character specific finishing moves, movie quality storylines and nearly all the content released in the original Japanese version, including in-game dating functionality.

If you don’t remember, I went through the whole “Buy Yakuza 3 over Final Fantasy XIII last year and I’m still happy with the decision I made. This year they decided to stacked the story up by having players control four different characters and experience how all their story is connected. This time, US gamers will get to experience the hostess bars, which were taken out of Yakuza 3, as this time SEGA didn’t take a lot out for this release. If anything, buy this game so that we can see the release of the zombie filled Yakuza: Of The End here in the states

Available: PS3


Ōkamiden is a single player action-adventure game for DS and DSi. Sequel to Capcom’s critically acclaimed Ōkami, Ōkamiden is a whole new adventure that picks up where the original game left off and features an all-new new, but familiar hero in the form of the young deity Chibiterasu and integrates Japanese calligraphy and scroll paintings with the game’s action-adventure and puzzle-solving gameplay mechanics. Additional features include the return of the franchises “Celestial Brush” game mechanic, an in-game partner system allowing players to join forces with AI characters, DS stylus and touchscreen driven action, interactive puzzle play and more.

If you enjoyed the original Ōkami that was released for the PS2 and later for the Wii, then you’ll be getting more of that goodness on the go with Ōkamiden. Best of all, you get to control Chibiterasu, who is nothing but full of cuteness.

Available: DS

Gods Eater Burst

Gods Eater Burst is a fast-paced survival action game that allows players to defeat and devour legions of hostile gods, called Aragami. Players will command the God Arc, a powerful weapon able to transform instantly in combat from sword, gun, and predator form which allows them to absorb the powers of the terrifying Aragami. Players can customize and create their own truly unique character, weapons, items and bullets. Experience an unparalleled narrative in single player or with up to four friends in coop gameplay to help humanity survive in this desolate world.

Sure it may be a Monster Hunter clone but unlike that game, Gods Eater Burst has a pretty good story mode and good character customization that will lead to gamers having a good time with this game on the go.

Available: PSP

Other Notable Release:

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel (PS3)
Jikandia: The Timeless Land (PSP)
Total War: Shogun 2 (PC)

Downloadable Games Worth Check Out:

Full House Poker (XBLA)
Slam Bolt Scrappers (PSN)
Parasite Eve (PSN)

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