Every film festival in the world uses a “bumper” before each screening, kind of like a mini-short film to warm up an audience before the actual movie. At SXSW their bumpers lean towards the pop culture side of the film world, after all SXSW is the largest film festival next to Sundance, the largest in Texas. Some films come and go, a few making millions months later, but the shorts are what can really grab a person’s attention and superglue their ass to their seat. These SXSW bumpers are now online. In between all the mini-films and shorts however was an unlikely updated tale of Nintendo‘s suspenders wearing , princess saving, moustache caring badass Super Mario.

Let’s a go

Simply titled ‘Mario’ this is the secret star of SXSW. Forget all those million dollar projects you’ve been hearing about this here is the cake. Giving the world an updated glimpse of Mario, Peach, even a human Bowser (aka: Yuppie Prick), this independently filmed marvel is awesome. Most people would have Mario as an ever cheerful guy [Spoiler: Mario does drugs]. See how many game references you can get in the best 2 minutes of your whole day.

This needs to be optioned as a full-length feature film right now. Even if it goes straight to DVD, it needs to be done.

Check out all the SXSW 2011 bumpers at the SXSW youtube page

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