Boy, was there a lot of news today from the folks at Marvel films or what? PHEW!

The big news of the day comes courtesy of the Ghost Rider sequel, entitled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which is currently filming now with Nicholas Cage still in the title role. It appears that we know who the villain will be in this “hot” sequel (see what I did there? Because Ghost Rider‘s head is on fire?)

Find out all the news on the Ghost Rider sequel, and tons of other Marvel news, below the jump!

It looks like Johnny Whitworth has announced that he’ll be playing Blackout who will go head-to-head with our favorite flame skulled bike rider (via GeekTyrant).

“I play the villain who, at the beginning, up until like page 70, is human,” explains Whitworth, “I’m not a very nice guy. I’m bad. I get turned into, for those who read ‘Ghost Rider’, the character Blackout. I get turned into him by the devil to complete my job. That gives me the fortitude to fight Ghost Rider and the supernatural abilities to compete on some level with that guy.”


Blackout is an assassin from the Ghost Rider comics who can create darkness around him and also possesses some vampiric powers.

What does this mean for Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider? We will have to wait until next year to find out in both 2D and 3D on February 17th, 2012!

Next on the update docket, is news on the long-rumored Daredevil reboot.

For those who forget, there was a Daredevil movie in 2003 starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It was pretty bad, and departed from the long beloved (and rather tortured) character the fans have known and loved.

But, not only are no former cast members returning, but the project appears to even have a director: 30 Days of Night and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade.

Frankly, I’m happy for this news! But, we’ll see if I’m still happy when we learn about casting. But, I can still hope.

The last big set of news comes from producer of X-Men: First Class (and director of X-Men and X-Men 2) Brian Singer. Using the upcoming film’s Facebook page, Singer answered 10 questions from fans about comics books and the upcoming movie which comes out July 3rd, 2011.

The questions, along with answers, can be found below (thanks

Q: If you were a mutant what kind of power would u want to have and why?

A: I would like the power of Nightcrawler or Azazel; the ability to teleport anywhere.

Q: Who is your favorite x-men character and why?

A: Professor X because he is both powerful and vulnerable.

Q: Was there a character from the old comics you would love to have seen in this movie that hasn’t been in previous movies, and was not able to be put into this movie?


Q: What made you choose Emma Frost to play a part in “X-Men: First Class”? Overall, what do you think of her character in the movie?

A: You can’t have the Hellfire Club without Emma Frost. She is sexy and scary.

Q: Does this movie fall in the category of prequel, reboot or bit of both? Nevertheless, I’m very open-minded for this movie! =)

A: Prequel

Q: What are your plans for the X-Men franchise after First Class?

A: I am just focusing on this one at the moment.

Q: Is there less pressure producing this film as opposed to directing it (like X-Men 1 and 2), or are the pressures just different – with different things expected from you?

A: I can absolutely say from my standpoint that there is less pressure. There is no position with more pressure than directing. Hats off to Matthew.

Q: What was the deciding factor on changing the origin story of the X-Men instead of going with the comic book?

A: I felt that to earn the First Class title, it was important to go back to the formation of the X-Men and the beginnings of Xavier and Magneto’s relationship.

Q: What about this period in history intrigued you?

A: It is a time of socio-political upheaval in the world. The height of the cold war period. The birth of the civil rights movement. And the birth time of the X-Men comic book.

Q: Was it a conscious decision by the team to pick and choose which parts of previous movies would be canon to this movie? (White Queen already appearing in other movies, etc.)

A: We did our best to maintain continuity with the other films. But as sometimes happens for the sake of telling the most compelling story possible, we made a few concessions.

And finally, the last set of treats I have for you are a series of new pictures from Thor!

The pictures below showcase secondary characters that we have not seen a lot of yet: Rene Russo as Frigga (Odin’s wife), Ray Stevenson as Volstagg (one of the Warriors Three), Jaimie Alexander as Sif (an Asgardian warrior), as well as Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins). BOnus fun fact, if you look in the right corner of the photo of Odin, you will see one of his pet ravens, Huginn and Muninn. That is a nice little treat for all us fans!






And that ends the Marvel Movie Mash … at least for now!

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