Todd Mcfarlane. Stan Lee. Legend against legend. A young a viral fighter with a penchant for drawing some fucked up shit and an unhealthy relationship with toys VS. Stan “The Man” Lee. Two may enter, only one may leave. A battle for the ages. While that fantasy fight plays out in my deranged head, I’ll settle for a legend on legend interview.

While Todd McFarlane was at Big Apple Comics promoting Spawn issue #200 he then brought the living legend, Stan Lee to CBR’s Hollywood studio and interviewed him for about 25 minutes.  They talked about what it takes to create a lasting character, how to stay inspired and Stan’s nearly 50 years in the biz.

McFarlane also talks to Stan about his star on the hollywood Walk of Fame, comics versus novels, Lee’s initial embarrassment at working into comics leading to him to change his name that eventually became world famous, the metamorphosis of comic conventions and encouraging aspiring creators to push on with their dream projects.

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