As the writer of the Nerdbastard ‘Sexy Cosplay of The Week’ column, this is a bit of a shock to hear for my geeky little ears. While plenty of people are happy and exuberant dressing up as characters that they grew up with, or are attached to, a certain group isn’t to fond of the art of Cosplay. You’d think that this particular group would actually enjoy dressing up, even if they are lacking in the red-shirts after every away mission. Yes, the Star Trek “Trekkie” fans have a dislike of the cosplay lifestyle, which feels like quite a smack to the sewing machine. Star Fleet must have a secret rule of conduct for this type of situation: Article 7, cosplayers are to be considered the scorn of the universe, next to Tribbles and the Borg.

Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor not a Cosplayer.

As part of a 26-page study titled “The Culture of Trek Fandom: Wouldn’t you like to be a Trekkie too?”,  5,041 fans were surveyed by a Cal State anthropology professor back in 2010. Daryl Frazetti,the professor responsible, actually broke a few myths in the process:

57% of Star Trek fans are actually women
46% were under the age of 40
81% of fans said that their fandom actually had a positive impact on their work and their personal interactions on the job

Yet, a slightly shocking stat was brought up in the case study that even Spock would call “illogical”. Even though 91% dressed in some sort of Star Trek gear (comm badges, t-shirts, costumes, etc), 47 percent of respondents identified costuming as “deviance”. Remember these are people that argue who is the better Captain (Janeway, duh) and they think dressing in character is some sort of deviant behavior. These are fans, it’s not like people are going to be calling the police saying that a Star fleet officer broke their window or stole their car anytime soon.

You shouldn’t start worrying about a cosplayer until you try taking a picture under the costume, if you do you might as well wish the Phaser was set to stun.

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