Wonder Woman TV Logo Revealed!


This is the working logo for the new Wonder Woman television series from NBC, their filming the pilot in L.A. right now. Let’s take a look. They kinda hide the “WW” in the bird logo, that’s not bad. There is just red in blue in the name, where’s the white? I’m not really feeling the stars in the “O’s.”

What the hell font is that they are using and why make the name wavy? The font looks like some limp seventies throwback. I have always seen Wonder Woman as strong, that wavy look doesn’t project strength. The bird doesn’t look majestic enough to me, there should be a sense of royalty coming from it.

The “W” isn’t capitalised, which makes me think someone feels Wonder Woman isn’t “wonderful” enough for that tiny shard of grammatical respect. You would think that if Wonder Woman is the head of an enormous company, that she would want that company logo to scream strength, power, respect.

This logo doesn’t project any of those things. What’s your take on this logo? Am I full of it or maybe my male perspective is tainting my view? Time to speak out in the comments section below ladies!

The Wonder Woman television series from David E. Kelley that almost didn’t happen is bumping along and here’s who’s playing along. Elizabeth Hurley would will be playing villianess, Veronica Cale., Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy are in there some where and Pedro Pascal as a friendly police officer., Cary Elwes, star of The Princess Bride and Saw will be playing the CEO of Themyscria Industries.  Oh man, this is a lot of casting for characters I’ve never even heard of. All of whom will be joining Adrianne Palicki, our new Diana of Themyscria.

Logo and casting aside. What I’m even more afraid of? That this Wonder Woman running a company in man’s world, trying to find herself, moping over a lost love bullshit will be terrible and everyone will love it. Then we’ll have this new versions of the Amazon princess and no one will remember what a rad, ass-kicking lady she is.

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