If you own a smartphone and iPad or it’s newer, hipper brother the iPad2 then you must have played the sensational Angry Birds game. Launching a small army of birds into wooden structures to murder helpless green pigs for points, it’s just so addicting. That’s where the trouble comes in, if the game is so addicting it starts to affect those things that are part of you everyday life. Your job, your friends, even your love life (if you have one) takes a dive faster then you can toss those colorful little birds. Oh great and powerful Steve Jobs, isn’t there someone who can save us from this crutch in our lives? Thankfully, this is where former world champion boxer Mike Tyson comes in.

He bit a man’s ear off, you’ll listen.

At least this is over quickly, you should have seen the idea for the 12 rounds with Tyson. Amazing turn around but too many broken wrists. I kid, he’s a good sport (don’t kill me Mr.Tyson, please).

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