Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures announced today that Kevin Costner will play Jonathan Kent in the new ‘Superman’ movie directed by Zack Snyder.

Snyder stated:

“Jonathan Kent is the only father figure Clark has ever had, the man who was there to help Clark understand what he was meant to do in the world as Superman. Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest super hero of all time.”

Diane Lane is onboard to play his wife, Martha, with Henry Cavill as the new Clark Kent/Superman. Costner is no newcomer to SciFi films, he has two under his acting belt; The Postman , and Waterworld. Oh crap . . . those were pretty dismal SciFi type films, but Costner has always played the “American Heartland” male quite well, maybe Costner can get out of the shadow of those two stinkers and grab some nerdy fans.

Anyone want to place a bet that Costner throws the baseball around with young Clark at some point in the movie? I also wonder if Jonathan Kent will die in the movie. In Superman comic books and reboots it has been done both ways, Jonathan dies before Clark dons the Cape as it was done in the first Superman movie, and other stories with Jonathan living well into Superman’s career.

Any thoughts?

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