Okay, ugh, I really wanted to be excited about this show. I really wanted Wonder Woman to finally be given the movie/TV adaptation treatment she so justly deserves as a member of DC’s holy trinity. Batman and Superman get new movies every other week but other than her exploits in animation we’ve never had a Wonder Woman movie.

We’re getting a TV series which was great news until we read the script and realized this wasn’t Wonder Woman at all. This was some love-sick CEO who at night fights petty criminals and then goes home eats a pint of ice cream and mopes about her single life like she’s Carrie from Sex and the City.

Where the hell is our kick-ass Amazon Princess?! I know where she’s not, in this god-awful, out-of-the-bag Halloween costume. Seriously, who looked at this and thought, “Yes, we’ve nailed Wonder Woman’s iconic look!” You got the colors right, but that’s about it. I thought we had moved beyond putting female heroes in skin-tight leather costumes when we realized no one will ever look as good as Michelle Pfeiffer‘s Catwoman.

Click the jump to see the full image. One good thing this costume’s got going for it is Adrianne Palicki‘s boobs look fantastic, and maybe that’s all that matters. You go girl!


Okay, because I can I’m going to air a few more of my gripes. Why does it appear so shiny and plastic-y? I couldn’t take anyone serious in that outfit. I don’t mind the pants, pants are okay when they don’t include stirrups like her new duds in the comics. And, wow, is it tight looking. She must magically transform into this one because otherwise it would take her hours to slip on. The armor also looks cheap, I don’t believe those bracelets are stopping anything let alone bullets. And heels!?! Really? How practical.

Lynda Carter‘s bathing suit was ridiculous but it was a product of it’s time, what does this costume say about our time? Share your thoughts below.

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