Character Designs for ‘Voltron Force’ Revealed

Everything old is new again. Eh, that’s just a fancy way of saying “we’re out of ideas”. Reboots, revamps, rehashes in movies and television and so on, are often received with a hand to mouth fart noise. Daring to touch an original piece of magnificence is rarely received with a thunderous applause. With that said, I think I might actually be looking forward to the new Voltron animated series coming to Nicktoons in the spring.

I grew up watching Voltron in the 80’s and loved the shit out of it. Of course, I was like 6 years old. 5 five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron, an invincible guardian sworn to defend the Universe. What kid wouldn’t go ape shit over that? Like any child of the 80’s,  shows like Voltron hold a very special place in my nerd heart. If  I see a classic cartoon like that get brought to life for a new generation I’m going to be a little critical. Tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to any reboot.

However, ‘Voltron Force’ promises to be faithful to the old show. The classic characters are back but joined by some new cadets who will train under the original team. Aiming to offer something for my generation as well for the kiddies of today.

Some character designs for the “Lions” have just been released on the Voltron Facebook Page and they’re looking pretty rad. I actually like how each lion has it’s own distinct personality. Better yet, they’re not goddamn CGI. HIT THE JUMP AND CHECK EM’ OUT.

It’s too early to judge, but ‘Voltron Force’ is on my nerd radar.I just hope they get Peter Cullen to do the voice over in the show’s intro again.

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