[UPDATE: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! We have our Dark Side Roast Winners! Twitter fan @dup3 & facebook fans Katherine Rossbach & Michael Stone. Congrats to these lucky bastards! Winners have one week to contact our senior editor Luke Gallagher via his email lukeg37 at gmail.com (no spaces and replace ‘at’ with @ symbol) with their shipping address or they forfeit the prize to someone else. Item will be mailed 1-2 weeks afterwards. Didn’t win? Don’t feel bad. We have more contests coming up, with more great items from thinkgeek.com]

You love nerdbastards and nerdbastards loves you right back *awkward nerd hug*. There is no way to show just how much we adore you, but from time to time we get a bit of cool swag in which we can give away as little tokens of appreciation

ThinkGeek.com (Love them. That’s an admission and request) recently and maybe foolishly (They fed the bear. We’re just gonna keep coming back for more) sent us some good stuff to whore out amongst the bastard masses.

Up this week, Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee. A Sith approved blend of African and Indonesian beans that is a must have for any Dark Lord to wake up to. Anyone planning the destruction of a planet, building a planetary Deathstar, or killing younglings shouldn’t start their day with out it. *Note: Killing younglings was a prequel reference. Don’t get any any ideas. We all know how Anakin ended up.

We got 3 bags to give out to 3 different winners (1 12oz bag each).

What exactly do I need to do to win?

There are two things you need to do to win. 1. You need to follow nerdbastards on either Twitter (@nerdbastards) or Facebook. 2. You need to tweet or make a wall update (on the NB facebook fan page- Dark Side Giveaway Post) ) saying “The best part of waking up is Vader in Your Cup“. Simple, right?

Contest is applicable to fans who already follow us on Facebook/Twitter (you just need to tweet or make a wall update of the required fore mentioned phrase). Multiple tweets or wall updates are allowed (no limit, but don’t flood the feeds. Play nice.). 3 lucky winners will be randomly chosen (so don’t go trying to bribe us with money or boobs. They are certainly welcomed, they just won’t increase your chances). on Monday 3/21/11. The bags will be mailed out (free of charge via standard delivery) within 1-2 weeks.

Got it? Now, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the Nerdbastards/ThinkGeek gospel. DO IT NOW!

If you do not win but still wish to partake in the “Impressive” bold roast then you can buy a bag on thinkgeek.com for $9.99

More on ThinkGeek and Dark Side Roast after the jump

Sample the Dark Lord’s Brew

Get a taste of the Dark Side with this rich hand roasted coffee. Three diverse coffees and two different roasts create a full-bodied, sharp, cup with spicy undertones and smoky, dark-roasted complexity. Vader’s Dark Roast Coffee is commonly enjoyed by Dark Lords of the Sith while planning new Death Star construction, but give into your anger, sample a steaming cup and you will be rewarded with power beyond your imagination.

Product Features

  • Gourmet whole bean coffee hand roasted by Stormtroopers
  • Perfect for Dark Lords of the Sith… or your friends and loved ones
  • Spicy undertones with smoky, dark-roasted complexity
  • Coffee blend is comprised of coffees from Africa and Indonesia. Even though these are not certified fair trade, they are specialty-grade coffees which means that droid farmers receive a higher price/pound, compared to exchange-grade coffees.
  • Officially licensed Star Wars product designed by ThinkGeek
  • Exclusively available at ThinkGeek
  • Each bag contains 12 Oz of whole bean coffee

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