The BBC has just released this special two-part mini Dr. Who episode for the corporation’s Red Nose Day fundraiser event which happened this past Friday.

OK, first of all, *In my 10th Doctor voice* WHAT!? the hell is Red Nose Day? A public appreciation day for drunkenness? A day of observance to those afflicted with hideous red growths on their noses, otherwise known as clowneitis? No asshole! Red Nose Day is a day like no other when the whole country gets together to do something funny for money and change countless lives in the UK and Africa. Geeze ok, it’s a good cause, but I think the title is offensive to those suffering with clowneitis. Just sayin’.

While Doctor Who doesn’t officially return until next month, BBC One has given us a little glimpse of the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), and Rory (Arthur Darville) in Steven Moffat’s Red Nose Day mini-episodes, “Space” and “Time,”.

Doctor Who usually tackles questions like “Why are we here?” and “How do you define humanity?” Today, they tackle “Would Amy Pond do herself if she got the chance?” Enjoy 😉

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