I think we’re all starved for some real action scenes from the upcoming Captain America Movie. I wanna see some Howling Commandos in action!

Let’s forget for a moment how the powers that be in Hollywood changed the name of the movie from “Captain America” to “The First Avenger” for the overseas market. Don’t get me started on that name change, every reason I’ve heard just makes me think of Pink Floyd’s song, “Money.” This movie should be an ass kicking hell yeah to what the US of A did in World War II. Imagine if we had not gotten involved, I shudder to think about it.

OK, back to the new footage. It’s really a tease from Entertainment Tonight, so you know the sound is too loud and scrambled, the clips way to fast and blurry. As much as I like the magazine I really get tired of the television show. It’s just too loud and glitzy.

So did you get anything out of that? I am glad that Cap has a gun, back in World War II, Cap carried one. I am hoping that against all odds this movie will really be fun and not some Hollywood stand on America’s history of war. What is your biggest fear about this film?

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