Tardis(Article by Nerdbastards contributor Matthew Jackson)

The next time that painfully uninitiated friend of yours (you know, the one that can’t tell Kirk from Picard) lets out a confused grunt when you say the word “TARDIS,” don’t panic and jab your sonic screwdriver into their eye. Instead, reach for this handy infographic put together by the fine folks at CarInsurance.org (Yeah, I was confused too. Turns out they do fun things about fictional vehicles.).

This handy dandy spread gives you the skinny on the good Doctor’s ride inside and out, including why it looks like a police box and why the interior décor periodically changes. And yes, there really is a swimming pool in the library.

Among the questions it leaves unanswered: How many bowties are in the Doctor’s closet, (The Doctor’s closet…now THAT’S an infographic for you.), what all those extra bits and bobs on the console do (Though not even the Doctor seems to really know that.), where the parking brake is (Because, as Professor River Song pointed out last season, The Doctor leaves it on.) or where the bedrooms are, though perhaps that was deliberately left out to discourage scandalous speculations about certain foxy companions.

Speaking of foxy companions, the infographic also doesn’t mention the lovely glass floor around the console, which in a recent mini episode, proves to cause problems when Amy Pond wears a skirt.

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