Say it’s your birthday (if not, just go with it) and your friends know your a huge Star Wars Nerd. You’ve collected everything that could be collected on our planet Earth, you even have the rare ultra large Chewbacca. What can your friends possibly do to give your bad Jedi self a proper birthday party with more booze then an Alderaan bar? How about getting ice and turning it into one kick ass Star Destroyer, that you can drink out of!

It’s a 2 meter wide exhaust port, filled with Goldschlager

This is what happens when ice-carving and lightsabers meet in perfect harmony, except without losing an arm or hand in the process. It’s a beautiful thing when the force, alcohol and drinking games come together and become the center of any party. Those furry little could through a party but their little bodies can’t handle liquor of this magnitude!

Via: Geeks Are Sexy

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