The Technology Studio in the UK put together this creepy as hell Eye of Sauron that follows you around the room while evilly saying, “You cannot hide . . . I see you . . . There is no life in the Void . . . only Death.” all accompanied by some great “creep the hell out of you” music. Check out the short video below.

Pretty cool huh? That would make a great alarm clock, or imagine it behind you as you DM’d a D&D game. If only you could make it say what you wanted to during the game. I’m a little surprised that after a quick Google I was not able to find a Eye of Sauron bowling ball. I would have thought some geek out there liked Lord of the Rings and bowling. That was the first thought I had when I looked at that Eye.

The use of the Pufferfish ball is pretty cool. It is described by the company as:

Simple, portable, rugged full 360 º display  –
ground standing or inverted – no blank spots,
no mirrors, no secondary lenses.

Use as stand-alone units, configure in networked
fleets or integrate into existing event, trade show
and permanent architectures.

What did you think? What else would be cool in that ball, I’m guessing that you could do that Power Rangers guy, maybe something Wizard of Oz?

source: geekologie

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