It’s iconic, it’s geeky, and if you know how to build you can have one of your very own to enjoy. Mario gets to punch these things like crazy in every single Super Mario game ever made in the last 25 years. Little money boxes are like the banks of the Nintendo world, they just get slapped around more then princess Peach at one too many Mushroom Kingdom picnics. This DIY project takes a bit more know-how then knowing Yoshi is a dinosaur however, but if your up to it let’s a go!

Level 1-1, now where’s that screwdriver?

Created by Bruno Games, A.K.A. “brunoip”, this little number is a pipe dream to those that can’t tell their Wii from a hole in the ground. Luckily he’s willing to share his piece of nerdy tech with the world. It’s not as simple as putting a cut-out together and calling it done. It requires knowledge of springs, levers, timers, servos, mp3 player and soldering. If you up for that then it’s time to get to work on furthering yourself from ever getting a girl.

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