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Another week, another Captain America story. This week however, is a double header of the red, white and blue super soldier with a bad ass shield that cracks Nazi skulls like coconuts. More footage of ‘First Avenger” trickles in and retro Cap film rears its ugly head again.

My shield is better then your shield

From Entertainment tonight comes a one minute sneak peak at the World War II superhero movie. Either watch this shitty clip filled with horrible EW voice overs or just wait till Friday when the full official trailer is released.

Also riding the America train is the original 1990 ‘Captain America’, starring Matt Salinger and directed by Albert Pyun. What was going to be a big budget movie ended up becoming a low budget,  B-movie farce. A movie so shitty that Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Val Kilmer passed on.  The film is coming back in a new “Directors cut” of the film, based on Pyun’s own 35 mm CA work picture and temp mix from before he left the film.

Arriving on Blu-Ray in May, and screen at the Fantasia Film Festival in July and B-Movie Celebration in September, you can find out more at Albert Pyun’s website:

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