Poke-Rights, Not Poke-Fights PSA


For years I’ve been saying that Pokémon was and is an evil subliminal message promoting animal cruelty via forced fighting. It’s right up there with cock-fighting and dog-fighting. Actually it’s worse. It’s being sold to children. CHILDREN! Telling them to go out into the world and hunt for rare and innocent creatures. Trap them in tiny ball. Deprave them of food and force them to battle one another for amusement, money and fame. Pokémon trainers are goddamn Michael Vick in mass!

Mirroring the sentiment, is a Poke-Fight PSA by Genesis Matrix.  Ash Ketchum and crew finally catch a conscience. Having learned a very important lesson about Pokémon fighting — namely, that it’s incredibly evil and depraved. If you know whats right, then forward this video along to the ignorant in your lives. No Pokemon should have to be a fighting type!

Also, “If you only have one type of Pokemon, that’s racist.”

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