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Zack Snyder’s new flick Sucker Punch opens Friday, and in the course of promoting it he answered (or sort of answered) a few more questions about his upcoming Superman project.

The film might start shooting as early as late summer,
Snyder will NOT use CGI and motion capture to portray Superman (yay)
Viggo Mortensen is not on board in any capacity (was rumored for General Zod)

And…that’s really it as far as solid information goes. The rest is Snyder trying to sound as upbeat as possible about a project that’s generated its weight in nerd doubt since it was announced.

Snyder did comment on his conceptual and visual approach to the flick, noting that the story will be told as if “this is the first Superman movie and no other ones exist,” and claiming that, visually speaking, his Superman will be the most realistic film he’s made.


I think the visual style of “Superman,” though I can’t say for certain as it’s early, but I kind of feel like — and I did say to the studio – that what’s cool for me and interesting, and odd, is that “Superman” is probably going to be the most realistic movie I’ve ever made. It’s kind of fun that the most realistic movie I probably will make is a movie called “Superman.” Which shows how crazy my other movies are. Because I guess for him to be credible… He gets more credible by the reality that you can bring to him, you know emotionally, and visually, I think.

First of all, how exhausting is it reading that? Thank Jor-El this guy isn’t writing the movie. If he did we’d never get a complete sentence out of anyone.

Second of all, it’s about time Snyder attempts to ditch the gimmicks of his visual style. We’ve all been having nightmares about Superman punching people in ultra-slow motion, then screaming THIS…IS…KRYPTON! before kicking a dude into a pit. If he sticks to his pledge to keep it real, we might actually get to focus on the Man of Steel himself instead of the hyper-stylized lens we had to see Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach through the last time this guy tried to do a superhero movie.

But wait, Kryptonians, there’s one last bone to pick…This is what Snyder said when asked if he’d read Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All Star Superman, the most recent seminal work in the life of The Man of Tomorrow.


I have not seen it, I’m happy to see it, I do want to see it, I just haven’t had time. Yeah, absolutely. And by the way, I’m a fan of Grant, of All-Star Superman, I think it’s cool, although I’d say… that’s the big version of Superman, you know that’s a stylized world. But awesome, and very sort of telling [about the character]. We’re treating the concept of Superman as if there’s been no Superman movies up till now, we’re trying to take that tack — that this is the first Superman movie and no other ones exist. Not to take anything away from those movies, because they’re great, but it’s sort of the way you have to do it, otherwise you’re really not starting over, you’re really just a slave to whatever’s happened in the past. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t respect the canon and we don’t understand the canon, that we know what the requirements of Superman are without it also being the same old Superman.

I haven’t read it, but I’m a fan of it, but I respect it, but I don’t want it to be the same old version of Superman.

All we can do is pray the final product isn’t this jumbled.

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