As promised, today the BBC released the first of three prequels to the premiere episode of Doctor Who Series Six, “The Impossible Astronaut,” set to arrive April 23.

The webisode, written by Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat, is just under two minutes, and doesn’t feature The Doctor, Amy Pond or the TARDIS, but it’s still got enough sci-fi weirdness to make you hungry for more.

The brief prequel features a U.S. President (judging by the looks and voice, it must be Nixon) sitting in a dim Oval Office, answering the phone, only to hear the mysterious voice of a little girl urging him to look back. The President assures her that there are “no monsters in the Oval Office”… but of course, we know how things are in the Doctor Who world, especially when someone thinks everything’s fine.

The prequel is hardly more than a teaser itself, but it’s enough to get you pumped for more. The BBC hasn’t announced the release of the second prequel webisode yet, but with less than a month before the Series Six premiere, we can expect it soon.

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