Meekakitty, or Star Trek Girl as sweaty 14 year old Star Trek boys know her, is back with another song. This time it’s a catchy Zelda base tune Navi’s Song (Hey Listen). This music video one ups the ante by getting out into the public and away from that annoying white wall, includes a story line with other actors, and music that really sticks in your head without the curse of not wanting it there.

Now, more than a couple of other web nerd news sites (Wait, you read other sites? WTF) have been telling people to stop at the 3:00 mark because of Meekakitty’s rambling video blog style. I say that’s what has gotten her 600,000 plus subscribers on YouTube, keep rambling on in that geeky, nerdy, girl style, I’ll keep watching.

After the Jump you can check out some of Meekakitty’s other Cosplay pics. I bet there’s some song material right there.

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