With little more then 3 months until the Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern film hits theaters, there’s still a looming question in the air on what Parallax -yellow fear based entity-  will look like. Other then a production shot, no one has seen much else of the yellow monster/villain. If you’ve been reading the Green Lantern series you know what Parallax is, a creature of fear imprisoned inside the central power battery of Oa. Known simply as “the yellow impurity”, a reason for a lantern’s weakness, we now have a better look at this villain thanks to an upcoming toy.

Get your money out now… to pay for the therapy

Here’s what everyone got to see the first time they released the Parallax image online:

Now here’s the new, improved and really f-ed up Parallax thanks to Bleeding Cool:

Sweet Sinestro! This thing looks like something out of a Japanese anime porno. With all the tentacles around this floating space squid you’re just waiting for a defenseless schoolgirl (of age) to walk by. Yes, this isn’t the final product, so hopefully they fix the things wrong with this supposed children’s toy. Maybe they should get rid of that hole in the middle of Parallax, it looks it should be either getting pixeled out or you should start paying $9.99 a minute. Let’s see if they can’t fix this up before release of Green Lantern to the masses.

Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard comes out June 17, 2011, in 3D.

Via: Bleeding Cool

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