Tron 3 Villain Revealed?


There has been a lot of stuff coming out recently regarding the sequel to Tron: Legacy, nicknamed Tron 3 (or Tr3n) by fans.

A few weeks ago, we reported here that a teaser linking the events of Legacy and its sequel was leaked online, entitled “The Next Day.”

Now, a new teaser has been leaked online by the same individual who leaked the previous one. This one contains a conversation between Ed Dillinger Senior and Junior, discussing just how dangerous Flynn could be.

This video appears to lend credence to the belief that Dillinger Senior and his father, the Master Control Program, will be the “bad guys” in Tron 3.

But, keep in mind that Legacy did not do really well in theaters, so the odds of a sequel are slim. But, with the buzz from these teasers and DVD/Blu-Ray sales … you just never know.

What do you think? Do you think Tron: Legacy deserves a sequel?

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