While I know we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of X-Men: First Class it seems 20th Century Fox hasn’t given up hope on continuing the X-Men series began by Bryan Singer. There has been some pretty significant talk about a sequel to 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and that this fourth film would lead into a fifth. This comes in light of the news that Fox is trying to push out other Marvel movies as quickly as possible, Deadpool for example.

Producer Laura Shuler Donner said in the latest issue of Empire Magazine that Fox is planning to turn X-Men: First Class into it’s own series and they still have hopes of continuing the first X-Men film franchise. Apparently a treatment for X-Men 4 was brought to the studio and was well received. And of course this fourth film would be leading into a fifth because heaven forbid Hollywood makes a movie nowadays that doesn’t require a sequel.

I’m surprised and not so surprised there’s talk of an X-Men 4, as well as I wouldn’t want them to try but I would like that series to go out on a higher note. X-Men 3 was a disaster plagued by too many characters to many plot lines, many of which were rushed to be resolved by the end of the film. My particular favorite part is the mishandling of Cyclop’s death, a scene that becomes hilarious when other characters don’t even seem to notice he’s dead until they realize Jean’s become a super-powerful, psycho bitch. But X-Men and X2 were great! I loved the casting and would give anything to see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan reprise their roles as Xavier and Magneto.  Which give me a little hope for X-Men 4 because the two giant cliffhangers were Xavier not really being dead and Magneto not really losing his powers.

What do you guys think, would you shell out to see a sequel to the dismal X3?

source: Cinema Blend

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