Recently at CinemaCon footage from Marvel’s Thor was shown to fans and has confirmed Hawkeye, as played by Jeremy Renner will be appearing in the film. And it’s more than a simple walk-on cameo. He actually has lines! Cinema Blend is reporting,

…the scene features Hawkeye using his famous bow and arrow and he has multiple lines, so while we’re talking about something a little more than a momentary cameo, there’s no way to know if his involvement will go any further than that one scene.

Take this is as completely legit information folks, unlike those Justice League and Batman reboot rumors also floating around today. Renner will also be playing the archer in 2012’s release of The Avengers but we’ll get a look at him before then in Thor, opening May 6th.

I wonder how long it will take this CinemaCon footage to leak to the webz? And is Renner wearing any purple? Why isn’t anyone discussing this important matter?!

source: Cinema Blend via Geeky Tyrant

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