Nothing on Funny or Die is funny anymore, except maybe this.

Tara Reid, the American Pie actress who’s vagina looks like a 6 lane highway (I assume), babbled some whore speak about 2 months ago on how The Big Lebowski 2 is in development. She’s stupid. That would never happen. Even the Coen Brothers laughed at her dumb face at the thought.  And while that will always remain the case, there is a trailer for the film. Huh?

A 2 minute spoof by Funny or Die mocking the Reid shenanigans. With her playing all your favorite parts from The Big Lebowsi.

Funny enough. If nothing else it puts Tara Reid in a bit of a different light – at least you know she has a sense of humor to go along with her substance abuse and career-in-the-gutter issues.

The Big Lebowski 2 with Tara Reid from Tara Reid

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