The BBC released a brand new full-length, non-teaser trailer for Doctor Who Season 6 Wednesday, and it’s truly epic. Among the highlights: creepy masks, sad clowns, The Doctor in a straitjacket, the American West, Professor River Song declaring that this is when The Doctor finds out who she really is and ensuring that this is truly The Doctor’s “darkest hour.”

But that’s not even the most chill-inducing moment. No, that honor goes to a voice off-screen saying to the Doctor “Fear me. I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.”

And The Doctor replies: “Fear me. I’ve killed all of them.”

Wow. Just wow. No amount of pseudo-intellectual fanboy commentary can eclipse how truly cool this is. One thing that did seem very worth noting: there are no classic Doctor Who enemies in this trailer, or at least none that I spotted. No Daleks, no Cybermen. Head writer Steven Moffat pushed the envelope on inventiveness in Season Five, but this season might eclipse even that if he’s planning all new nemeses for The Doctor.

For further proof that this thing just flat-out tips the epic scale, look at what author Neil Gaiman (creator of Sandman, American Gods and writer of episode four of the upcoming season) posted on his Facebook page this morning, along with a link to the trailer:

There are eight shots from my episode in here (and some dialogue). Look, I’m a bit excited, because it means it’s really happening. It’s not theoretical: It’s real. If you don’t care about Doctor Who, then please, just ignore me. For the rest of us, click on the link and you get a minute-long trailer for the next season. Huzzah!

What are you waiting for? Watch this thing right now!

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