I say we all march over to the offices of MTV and take turns takin’ a shit in their lobby, if not solely for birthing the proverbial red headed step children that are ‘The Jersey Shore’ and ‘Teen Mom’. A piss in the face to cultural class, those are. Ya, lets show what a reward it is to be bronzed debaucherous douchebags, or how if you  open your legs at 16 (without protection anyway) you can become a reality star. Abhorrent behavior being idolized. Disgusting, if you ask me.

Further tickling my taint the wrong way is MTV’s upcoming series Teen Wolf, a supposed remake of the 1980s comedy starring Michael J. Fox. Because gross guidos and pregnant teenage whores just isn’t enough. They have to fuck with classic 80’s nostalgia. Assholes! And, in this latest trailer for the series, I’m not sure what makes this a remake. It appears to have nothing to do with the original source material other than the title. Seriously, where’s the basketball? All we have is another regurgitated series of attractive young people struggling to deal with scary/sexy monsters while dealing with teen angst. Oh how original!

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Entertainment Weekly quotes executive producer Jeff Davis describing the new series as “kind of like The Lost Boys with kind of the pace and fun of Buffy.” I, for one, am getting more of a “Twilight for boys” vibe. Less angst, yes, but the same blue-gray tones, same shots of half-naked teenage boys running around the woods — star Tyler Posey even looks like he could be part of Jacob Black’s wolf pack. Instead of a stereotypical teen girl fantasy (i.e., pretty boys fighting to save you), we’ve got a stereotypical adolescent boy fantasy (i.e., pretty girls throwing themselves at you).

Christ! Hit all the pop culture keywords why don’t ya (Buffy, Lost Boys, Twilight)! I’m sorry chief but making superficial comparisons like that ain’t gonna save your shit show. Judgmental am I? Perhaps, but I hate MTV and I hate remakes. The two together just make a pop pill I don’t want to swallow.

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