Some Kids Get To Write For ‘Doctor Who’ (Sort Of)


The BBC is hosting a Script to Screen Competition that will allow a team of 9 to 11-year-old schoolchildren a chance to script their very own three minute Doctor Who mini-adventure.

Children in classrooms all across Britain will be guided through the process by specially crafted Doctor Who teaching resources (including video) that will challenge them to conceive a story and then write a script. The lucky winners get to head to Cardiff, Wales to see their script brought to life by Matt Smith himself and the rest of the Doctor Who team, and they’ll also be featured in their very own Doctor Who Confidential featurette.

I know we’re all wishing we were British schoolchildren right about now so we could get in on this action. I’ve got so many ideas, like the one where we have a math test and the Daleks and Cybermen attack the classroom at the same time and the teacher’s really an alien and then The Doctor shows up and whisks the class away and then we shrink ourselves down and go inside the body of…wait, that was an episode of The Magic School Bus. Never mind.

Anyway, I applaud the BBC for doing this, and for keeping The Doctor connected to the young fans that have been the lifeblood of the series since the William Hartnell years. I am a little concerned about 11-year-old boys getting that close to Karen Gillan, though. That might get awkward.

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