Silent Hill has held a special place in gamers’ hearts since its debut in 1999, giving them nightmares for the last 12 years, making players afraid to play in the dark with nothing but the light of the television; now that’s scary. When they decided to turn it into a live-action film it was more of a yawn than a scream, with its lackluster story and characters. Now, it looks like something good has come from the ashes of fanfare in the form of a Silent Hill short film made by the fans.

[Warning: This is slightly a NSFW film as there a touches of bondage, blood and murder involved. Not suitable for those with a weak stomach.]

I think I just shit out my heart

With Silent Hill: Revelation 3D currently in production in Toronto,  they should be taking a few notes from this 3-minute film and sneaking it into their’s before they get noticed.

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