Mortal Kombat Web Series Update

MORTAL KOMBAT! *Cue the classic Mortal Kombat film theme song*

Ever since the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth trailer hit the internet all those months ago, I have been really excited for the potential new life the series has on the screen, Rebirth being representative of the fighting game and its characters, but in a modernized setting. It was brutal and disgusting, offering inspired suspense and horror from films like Seven and Saw. When Warner Brothers decided to make a 10-episode web series based on it, I was more than thrilled.

But, with this latest news from director Kevin Tancharoen, I simply cannot wait!

Tancharoen recently spoke to about the highly anticipated series, and spilled some updates about characters, a rough storyline, and potential release dates.

– We’re really doing a lot of the iconic characters, so we have Sonya, Jax, and Kano, which is a new character in that realistic world. We’re doing Rayden, of course, because you can’t do Mortal Kombat without Rayden. We’re doing Kitana and Mileena and we’re also doing a really, really cool one. The one that I’m most excited about is Cyrax and Sektor.

– We’re going to do an episode with Scorpion and Sub-Zero, but it takes place in ancient Japan. The whole episode is in Japanese and you see the depth of Scorpion’s family and clan and how they got murdered, etc. That one is going to be very epic, because of the iconic characters.

– There is an underlying storyline for most of them. Some of them are just introductions into the characters’ back story. The idea of the tournament itself will always be a through-line that you just can’t ignore, since that’s the foundation of the story.

– One episode will definitely come out before the game is released, and that’s April 19.

– We’re pushing the boundaries to make this look as much like a big-budget feature film as possible. There are so many visual effects in every episode, especially the robot one (Laughs). They’re like two Iron Man’s fighting each other. You just can’t have them be photo-real CG robots.

– [Cyrex & Sektor] talk when they’re in human form. Then they get changed to robots, and there’s a pretty epic fight scene when they’re robots. We did full motion-capture for that and we’re starting to put the layers on it now, and texturing and shading it and all that good stuff, to make it look photo-real and make it look like it’s gigantic.

– We treat the fights like they would be in any sort of realistic environment. We don’t need that kind of structure to it, like Round 1, Round 2, or where the Fatality happens. It’s more fluid and organic.

Is anyone else as excited for this as I am? Sound off in the comments!

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