Maybe, if the production can ever leave “development hell,” as actor Dwayne Johnson puts it. MTV News recently talked to the wrestler-turned-actor about the likelihood we’ll be seeing a film based on the world’s mightiest mortal:

In Hollywood, a lot of times when something is in development, it just takes a lot of time. So it’s in development hell right now. Who knows what’s going to happen with that. Maybe, maybe not — I’m always here.

Johnson has for some time been rumored to be attached for the role of Black Adam, Captain Marvel’s nemesis. Warner Bros. is all gung ho about pushing out more super hero movies; recently they let it slip there might be a Justice League movie in the works; would the Shazam! property be a good choice? You couldn’t use the name Captain Marvel in much, if any, of the marketing since that name’s been unavailable to DC due to them not owning the rights. Sure, the character can be referred to as such, but in no way does his name appear in the title of the books. They’re simply called Shazam!. Even if they could, most movie-goers would confuse Captain Marvel with Marvel Comics, something I’m sure DC wants to avoid.

While this film might never happen at least there’s a pretty decent Captain Marvel short from Warner Bros. Animation, Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam. In this short, Arnold Vosloo voices Black Adam and he’s perfect. You might recognize Vosloo from the two good Mummy movies as the…uh, the mummy. Interesting connections; the second Mummy film is what rocketed Johnson to the spotlight as more than “The Rock.”

Who do you think would make a fantastic Black Adam? Or would you rather this project slip farther into the depths of the development abyss?

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