Welcome to today’s installment of SUPERHERO ROUNDUP, wherein we take the latest and greatest bits and bobs of Superhero news and put them in a neat little bundle just for you (aren’t we sweet?). Today it’s all about Superhero movie news, and we begin with Green Lantern.

Sigh of Relief: Early Green Lantern Footage Might Be Good After All

Just days after Warner Brothers flat-out apologized for the big yawn that is their Green Lantern trailer, they rolled out 10 minutes of sneak preview footage at CinemaCon in Vegas, and got a surprisingly good response.

Twitter is full of accolades from people in attendance at the screening, and Alex Billington of Firstshowing.net managed to write a full-on mini review of the thing. And by the way, he notes, Geoffrey Rush is Tomar-Re after all:

We saw 4 scenes. First was Abin-Sur piloting his ship and being attacked by Parallax – was awesome. Then he ends up on Earth, next scene was Hal talking with Abin while he was dying. Scene seemed choppy, but he gives him ring. Next was him saying oath for the first time, then he goes to Oa immediately. Then we see him talking with Tomar-Re on Oa with Geoffrey Rush’s voice and a GREAT looking very ‘alive’ CGI costume that looks MUCH better than the first trailer. Then we saw Sinestro addressing the Green Lantern Corps down in the core of Oa. Not fully finished but was great. Lots of other alien GLs seen there as there’s a huge crowd of thousand of GLs and lots that people will totally geek out about. Won’t spoil which ones. That was it plus a little montage of extra footage. I think it looks awesome, way way more excited than I was before this. Expect to see all of this footage at WonderCon, as it seemed hand picked for Green Lantern fans.

Hear that, WonderCon attendees? You’re up next for this. Send back dispatches. In the meantime we can all sleep better knowing we got some good news about this flick.

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Amy Adams Says Playing Lois Lane Was a Childhood Dream

It’s probably not news that Amy Adams is happy about being cast as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder‘s Superman: Man of Steel, but she let us know anyway in an Associated Press piece from Wednesday:

“She’s such a fantastic character,” Adams said Tuesday at CinemaCon, a Las Vegas convention for theater owners, where she appeared with co-star Jason Segel to promote their family comedy “The Muppets,” due out in November. “She’s feminine, she’s intelligent, she’s a go-getter. She’s somebody I have identified with since whenever.

“I’m like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve gotten to be a princess, I’ve gotten to work with the Muppets. A lot of my childhood dreams about who I wanted to be when I was a grown-up, I at least get to play them in movies. And Lois Lane is one of them. So I’m just excited. I hope I bring something that people enjoy.”

Yes, Amy Adams, your life is a beautiful sundae of puppies, candy canes and hot air balloons powered by dreams and cotton candy kisses. Just don’t screw up Superman’s girlfriend.

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More Superhero Fun After The Jump

James Marsden Really Misses Those Rose-Colored Shades

Hanging out with a CGI Easter Bunny in Hop must have gotten to James Marsden, because he very enthusiastically told Movieline this week that he’d be thrilled to play Cyclops again if more X-Men films are coming down the pike.

Yeah, I would love to! Honestly, people ask me more about that than anything and it’s almost embarrassing how little I know about what’s going on with X-Men: First Class. But I guess it’s obviously a prequel and it takes place before our movies, so I’m excited to see it, and I’m excited they’re making it. I think they’re smart, they know they can make X-Men movies as long as they want. There are plenty of characters and plenty of backstories, so I’m happy that they’re continuing the mythology. And I’m happy to have been a part of it at some point. But it would be great to get Hugh [Jackman] and Famke [Janssen] and Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellan] and Halle [Berry] and everybody back together again to do another installment, our next chapter.

He also weighed in on his character’s death in X-Men: The Last Stand, commenting on the fan backlash that came with the way Cyclops met his end.

[Laughs] Well, the thing is I appreciate all the fans that have said that he didn’t get his due, or whatever. But for me it’s very difficult to look back on that experience with any sort of disappointment or regret. I feel really lucky to have been in those movies and feel very proud of what I do in those movies; it’s difficult when you have however many — 12, 15 — new characters that you’re trying to introduce to an audience in 90 to 120 minutes, to give everyone their due. That’s one of the reasons you’re seeing so many spin-offs, because every character could have a spin-off. You could have a Cyclops spin-off, you could have a Jean Grey spin-off — there’s an enormous wealth of backstory and character that you could make a franchiseout of each of these characters.

So in our X-Men they were always written from Wolverine’s standpoint. He was the lead protagonist. But that could have easily been Storm’s, or Beast’s — it just so happens that the ones I was a part of were very much focused on Wolverine, who was a very popular character in the comics. But I think there’s a lot more story to Cyclops, there’s a lot more depth that exists in the comics. But again, I’m also really realistic about the challenge of introducing and bringing all that depth to however many characters there are within the average running time of a movie.

Translation: “Cyclops is the biggest role I ever had, so I don’t want to piss off anyone who might let me do that again, but FUCK! What the shit, Marvel? I didn’t even get a death scene! How would you like it if all you got after THREE DAMN MOVIES was a spinning PAIR OF FUCKING SUNGLASSES!”

Ahem…So, anyway, he’d really like to be Cyclops again. Maybe he’ll get his wish.

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Adrien Body Isn’t Playing Ant-Man or Mr. Fantastic…But Maybe He Would

The Playlist asked Adrien Brody a simple question: Is there any truth to the rumors that you might play Ant-Man or join a Fantastic Four reboot flick as Mr. Fantastic? He gave this rambling, “I’m a pretentious, serious actor” answer.

I have interest in pursuing creatively stimulating material and I can’t limit it or eliminate a choice based on a genre or type of thing. Nothing has quite come together that just made sense entirely. But if that day happened I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

When, in the same interview, it was pointed out to him that he went against his type when taking on a role in Predators, he got still more pretentious:

I mean I feel like “Predators” is a good example of that. I’m a relatively sensitive human being and I’m drawn to characters that have a certain degree of sensitivity and it’s fun to play a character at times who lacks that sensitivity and is more primal. It was an interesting process because obviously I wouldn’t be the first choice for that. It was very rewarding for everybody involved because they believed in me and I brought them something that I felt was lacking in certain depictions of a strong leading man in an action genre. I felt like a lot of times it wasn’t really strong enough on an internal level. You know I think the depiction of strength does not have to purely be on physical brawn and I think audiences are intelligent enough to understand that.There has to be a degree of physical endurance and competence that exists within the character but you know, what truly makes a military leader effective is the mind and the ability to kind of act with a tactical savvy that is believable. And those are things that I tried to cultivate and explore. I did a physical transformation but that wasn’t the most important thing for me, it wasn’t what drew me to the character.

You know, we probably shouldn’t bother Mr. Brody with thoughts of playing a man the size of an ant or a man who can stretch his entire body. We don’t want to damage his extreme sensitivity.

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